IS he just playing games? Please help?

I met this kid through a friend about 10 months ago... we were never close or anything would just be cordial.. never kissed, nothing. Recently me and my friend started hanging out with his circle again.. Anyway to make a long story short he kissed me out of nowhere I was not expecting it and he asked for number after he was done kissing me he said 'ill text u' which he did that night saying "well at least I finally have your number" he texted me the following day too we txted for little.. then 4 days went by an I heard nothing! so I decided to just text him, i had nothing to lose.. convo went great txted 3 hrs back and forth... now its been 4 days again and I haven't heard anything! im so confused he made it seem like he was really into me and was glad he got my number so why isn't he txting me? is he playing games?


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  • He's texting other girls and might also be busy. Don't get too caught up because this fellow sounds like a little player.

  • It seems obvious he likes you, but maybe he just doesn't want to seem desperate or come on too strong. The same thing happened to me and it turned out he actually did like me. He started eventually texting me more and it turned into something more. Id say just be patient, he might be playing games or he might truly be confused (not know what he wants)