How soon should you go out on a second date with someone if the first date went well?

If you have a first date with someone and it goes really well and you even make out. How soon do you think you should, should not go on a second date?

  • right away is ok if the 1st date went well
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  • Don't ask too soon as you may scare them off, so wait a few days for the 2nd date
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  • wait a few days before asking and then go out about a week later.
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  • There aren't really 'rules'. I would wait to ask her out until you know that she would like to do on the second date. So if you both enjoyed the first date, ask her out again there and then. If the first date was just okay, communicate with her a bit, get a good vibe and then ask her when she's ready and when you feel the answer will be yes.

  • I hate all those dating rules and not wanting to appear clingy and/or scare someone off. If two people hit if off well go on a date. These games and rules are such nonsense!


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