Do white guys like mexican girls?

I find them attractive and my dad and his family are white mexicans of French and Italian descent. They are from jalisco mexico. But my mom is more of a Mestiza. So I have light olive skin and taller than most mexican girls. I like tall guys so I find white guys attractive.


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  • Her being a Mexican isn't a big deal one way or another. It depends on the girl. Mexico and the United States both have major problems with obesity, so if she has a decent figure most guys will find her attractive.

    • I'm slim I weigh 110 pounds and like to exercise daily, my mom actually tells me that i need to gain weight but I feel healthy the way I am.

    • Then it sounds like you are ahead of a lot of people already in terms of attraction level.

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  • It depends on the girl, but yes i've been attracted to mexican girls before...

  • A lot of white guys, including myself, are attracted to girls of Mexican decent.


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