Is it okay to set up multiple dates with different girls until you decide on one of them?

I'm kind of new to the whole dating scene and just wondering if people do this. I mean like 1st or 2nd dates, not having 2 or more girlfriends. Because I like multiple girls and already have a date with 1 of them, but I want to ask another one out too so I can see which one I like better. I wouldn't tell them that I have date with another woman of course but on a first or second date we wouldn't really be exclusive yet right?


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  • That's pretty much what dating is. You're not doing anything wrong.


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  • I don't believe you should date until you know enough about the person to gauge whether a relationship with them would be a good or bad idea. IF that trust isn't fully earned before you date them then the date should never happen in my eyes. I know this viewpoint is more traditional than some others out there. I would not be happy with a guy who decided to date me while also dating other girls and would probably tell my female friends that I think he is a jerk.

    • So how do you get to know someone before going on a date?

    • Through friendship and group activities out in public and also private time when you asking for advice or mutually helping each other move furniture etc...

  • I think that's like speed dating, they'd get pissed if they found out and weren't straight forward about the not being exclusive right off the bat thing. But then again I don't really care

  • Yes its okay to do this because its called. dating.
    Its your choice how you choose to date. Personally, I don't juggle multiple guys because I like dating one person at a time, but to each their own.

    • What about paying on the first date? If it's a coffee date do you think I should just pay for both of us or just pay separately?

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    • Awesome thanks for you advice, you helped me out a lot!

    • You're welcome, good luck.

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  • Yes! Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Date as many girls as you can keep track of UNTIL you either have sex with one of them or you have a discussion about being exclusive. I don't think girls would expect you to only be dating them until one of those two things happen.

    • Do you usually pay on the first date or pay separately?

    • I typically ask a girl out for a drink on the first date if I don't know her well because you don't have to invest a lot of time or money if it's not going well. If you're under 21, you could do ice cream or my least favorite option, coffee. If it is a girl that you actually know better before asking her out and you have a good idea that you already like her, you could do dinner or some other fun/unique idea. No matter which route you take, I would say that you should be paying on first date.