Help - I don' t know how to not be jealous of my boyfriend's pretty girl friends?

I've been dating my boyfriend for almost 8 months now. I trust that he genuinely cares about me and wants to be with me, and I'm not worried about him cheating. I'm not the most secure girl in the world (though I hide it well) and he's friends with a lot of pretty girls. (Not a crazy amount - he has just as many guy friends). I guess what I'm worried about is his developing feelings or wanting to be with a girl that's pretty than me (in my opinion). I don't act like a jealous crazy bitch nor have I ever mentioned this insecurity, but I hate feeling like I'm constantly going to lose him or that he's going to wake up one day and realize that he could have someone so much better looking than me :\ I know personality matters more than looks, but seeing as how he's friends with them he obviously likes their personalities and spending time with them.

Guys - do you ever look at a pretty girl you're friends with and wonder whether you should have gone after her instead of your girlfriend? Or do you ever feel like you're with the girl you are because you don't think you could get the prettier girl?


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  • Because if he wanted to date them instead of you, he would be dating them instead of you. Obviously you have something different to offer from them, which is why he's been with you for 8 months.


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  • Just remind yourself that he chose to be with you. He chose to pursue you. You're the one that he wants to be with.

    • That's what I try to tell myself, I just have known quite a few guys that have been subject to changing their mind a lot. In general, if a guy were no longer feeling the same way, he'd end it right?

    • Typically, yes, a guy would just end things if he wasn't into you anymore. Being that he's been with you for eight months, it seems pretty clear that he's into you. I wouldn't worry.

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  • Girl he wanted to be with you! I'm guessing he already knew the girls you are talking about. He would have dated them if he liked then not you. I have to tell myself that sometimes too. You must have the total package :)