I went to a movie with a guy I like, we both initiated going together. Was it a date?

We work together and clicked when we started working with eachother. We joke around and tease eachother. He is really nice and goes out of his way to help me with things and do work stuff with me. One day I was talking about how I wanted to see this movie and he offered to take me but we didn't make plans. Then I wrote a note to him and left it on his car asking if he still was interested in going and then the next day I saw him he was really awkward around me and seemed nervous but everyone else said he had seemed really happy and excited. Then I went to my work area and he was there and told me our boss needed to talk to me so I went and looked for my boss, who really didn't need me, then I went back to my work area and there was a "message in a bottle" telling me that he would love to go to the movies with me and we would just have to set a time and date, and not on Sundays ( he is LDS) after I read the note and told him it was clever and we should go to the movies for sure he was happier around me and didn't seem that nervous. so the next day we worked together he came up to me and asked if I would go with him on Tuesday, I got to the theater first so I bought tickets, since he had to drive 40 minutes to get to the theater cause it was far from his house, he offered to buy popcorn and drinks then we sat together and talked and joked around, it was kind of awkward at first but then it was fun once the awkwardness left. We sat in the theater for fifteen minutes talking and laughing after the movie. Then we left and walked to the parking lot. He said thanks and it was fun and that he is looking forward to seeing me at work. Were we hanging out? Or was it a date?


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  • I am LDS. That screams date to me. "Hanging out" is a date to a LDS guy. The message in a bottle was your clue that it was date, so romantic and totally how mormon boys are raised. I love it!


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  • There's a difference?
    You were together, enjoyed each other's company. That's what's important.
    You may call it what you will. :-)


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  • It sounds as though, being he had asked you to go to the movies, and you had paid for the tickets, and he did the popcorn, it could be distinguished as a date. From the way you both have been behaving around one another, and things such as this at work, And I am loving the manly "message in a bottle," does anyone do That if they just want to hang? Sounds a bit more personal to me. He actually went out of his way to do this "bottle eye opener."
    Since he had said all the right stuff, and even is looking forward to "doing some on the job training" at work, such as Seeing you there, then it appears there might just be a----second date in store for you both. xx