Some ideas for what to do on a date?

I need some ideas for what to do for a date. The last time I went out with her we played tennis because it's her favorite sport. After that, we went to get lunch together and I drove her home. The problem now is that it's winter so tennis is out and I think it'd be boring doing the same things over and over. I thought maybe So I'd invite her over to watch the walking dead together since we both watch it, but she said she has to catch up to where the season is first. Can you guys think of any other ideas? I know she also loves video games. I've played with her a couple times and she loves Skyrim in particular.


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  • I think you should do the things that she likes or that both of you can find joy in. The video game thing sounds like a fun idea. You could also do something different by exploring your nearby city or taking her to a game of some sort, if she likes sports.


What Guys Said 1

  • I like your ideas of video games since that's something you both enjoy or watching walking dead. Some other ideas would be ice skating, sledding, comedy club, dinner.