what do guys consider the start of a relationship?

For a guy, if you didn't have the "will you be my girlfriend?" conversation, and you go from hooking up with someone, to hooking up exclusively, to flowing right into calling a girl your girlfriend because you've been together exclusively for months at that point, you go on dates, met the family, etc, what do you consider to be the start of the relationship?

Is it the first kiss? First time you guys had sex? The first time you were out and you introduced that person as your girlfriend even though the conversation had never been had, it just became assumed?


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  • I only consider it a relationship if you have a discussion about being exclusive or actually asking that question "will you be my girlfriend".

    I feel like some girls tend to think that sex is the beginning, but it really depends on the girl. That's why I don't assume anything until it's been talked about.


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  • It depends on the girl. Most women I've had sex with don't want relationships. Thus, sex isn't the defining moment that makes her my girlfriend. I straight up ask them to be my girlfriend.

  • For me it's talking every day and hanging out a lot to the point where you know you're exclusive and that you have feelings for each other.


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