Why would a guy treat you so badly?

I met a guy last year and we talked for about a month before we went on a first date. After that, he kept rescheduling our second date until I cut him off completely. He rescheduled three times and I was tired of it.

Fast forward, 6 months later, he comes back with a heartfelt apology and told me he wanted a second shot. He begged for this second chance. I decided to give it another shot. We went on two amazing dates. He was all over me (literally), kissing me all the time, holding my hand, wrapping his arm around me shoulder, kissing me cheek, complimenting me and all. He wanted us to spend the night together but I declined. He said it was fine.

Next thing I know, he stopped answering my texts after this second date. I wished him a Happy Birthday on Friday , he never bothered responding. I'm very upset, and hurt. I feel like a fool. I want to send him a "shame on you" email but I just don't have the strength to. I'm tired and I feel used.

Will he ever regret treating me like this? I was so stupid.


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  • One day when he's much older he probably will. Just forget about him, move on, and commend yourself for not sleeping with him. It's a shame there's guys like this in the world, but what can you do?

    Find comfort in the fact that the one right guy you'll eventually find will more than make up for every single mistake you made with the horrible guys.


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  • honestly he probably won't regret treating you like that he is an asshole. you should be proud of yourself for giving him a second chance and being strong enough not to get sweat talked into bed. you are not stupid you are just a good person, people will sometimes take advantage of this but don't let that jade you or change you because in the long run you will find the person who is worthy of you.

  • Seems to me that he wanted to get into your pants and nothing more. That's why he was being really nice and kissing up on you. After two dates after he saw his efforts are futile he gave up and maybe moved on. You are NOT stupid. You did not sleep with him and you were true to yourself; you would've felt a lot worse and used, if he slept with you and then treated you like this. You don't need a guy like this who obviously just wants one thing.


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  • It sounds like he only wanted to get you into bed and nothing more. Maybe one day he will regret it but by then you'll have moved on and he will have missed his chance.