PLEASE: Things were normal between me/a girl at first, then suddenly it's awkward? Winking, looking, flirting?

We met in a college political club and everything was normal - we could talk fine, no real interest. At some point, we realized we had this shared humanitarianism. Since then, I've caught her staring at me like 20 times at our club meets, she would either look away quick or just stare... seemed obvious but I wasn't sure... later that night she finds an excuse to message me on FB for the first time ever, which KIND of confirmed it. Since that point, it has felt different, "awkward" between us and feels like there is a "thing" but it's a bit tense. Last night, we were at an event and my friend busted her looking over at me constantly - I looked over at her and she was looking. She smiled, winked, and gestured for me to some dance with her (it was a group dance of sorts).

Keeping in mind that this girl is NOT a tease, do you think there is interest there? What do I do from here?


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  • SHE DEFINETLY LIKES YOU. Girls don't wink unless they're trying to flirt. There's not much more she can do besides wink, look and flirt to show you that she likes you!


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  • Sounds as though she has some genuine interest in you, and maybe something down the line to----Dance the nite away.
    Start initiating more communication, for this is a very important factor in keeping the lines open. Maybe ask her out, and take it from there. xx

  • Yes there is interest! It will be awkward for a while in the initial stages until you get used to each other. Time to ask her out on a date! Good luck and have fun!


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