I feel like I should have feelings for them but I don't?

I don't feel that attracted to these great guys and i don't get it. So basically I've never been in a relationship. I'm young tho, and there's not much for me to choose from. The thing is that there are a lot of average guys that seem to be interested in me, that I think are great guys and love to talk/flirt with. when I think about being in a relationship with them, I just can't imagine it. I can't imagine kissing them and cuddling with them, and they don't give me "butterflies". I only can think of about five guys that have been able to make me really nervous and butterflies and make me want to jump them right there, but it's never worked out. I know these nice but not male model attractive (but still semi attractive) guys could be interested in me, but why can't I get myself to fall for them? And how do I get in a relationship with the ones I've fallen for? Thanks in advance!


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  • It's just that something about them isn't attracting you and that's fine... sure you'll see people who have qualities that would be great in a partner. But if you aren't attracted you can't help that.


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  • the problem is your expecting the guys (you want) to make moves and really your the one who has to make moves on them, not everything is the guys job ya know, its really the girl's job especially when they are all this picky


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  • You haven't fallen in love with them because they are not patient in cultivating your feelings for them. They see you fall in love with you then they show you and it's too much for you cause you haven't even had a chance to really like them.

    To get a guy that you want, you have to be patient entertaining and not be obvious that you are into him. Basically you treat him like you treat the guys that are into you but you are not interested in. Have you noticed that you sometimes miss their calls and that once in a while you answer their texts? Exactly! Any bells ringing?

    • Wait I don't get the last part about calls and texts

    • You dont always answer. You dont always respond. If they want a date you set the time. You are nice and friendly but you wait till he takes all the initiative.