If you had to choose between a friend and the girl of your dreams, who would you choose?

Just wondering how much the "bro code" really affects you guys. I know that in most cases guys put their bros first and wouldn't even consider dating a friend's ex even if they liked her, but what if she was the girl of your dreams? What if she's the most amazing girl you've ever met, you dream about being with her, and you've been crushing on her the whole time. You feel like she's the kind of girl you've been looking for your whole like and now she wants to be with you too. Would that make enough of a difference to sway you or would the "bro code" win out? Also, would it make a difference if the guy in question was your best friend or not?

  • I could never do it, even if I thought she was my soulmate
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  • I'd only date her if it was okay with my friend.
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  • I'd want to be with her even if my friend didn't approve
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  • I'd date her regardless and have already experienced this scenario several times in the past... my friends don't actually care about 'bro code' or any of those pointless made up 'rules'.


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  • Can I use the cop out that if it were the girl of my dreams then they would get along with my friends? No? Ok.

    I would probably go with the girl. The one constant thing about life after high school is that my circle of friends is always changing. Sure, I still know and like a lot of friends from when I was younger, but between work, distance, and life in general you are constantly in a state of waxing and waning friendships. I would rather have the girl of my dreams along for the ride rather than holding on to a friend that I may end up drifting away from if I had to move, or just ended up naturally seeing less during the next phase of my life. A best friend would be a harder choice, but I've had to silently suffer through a lot of terrible SOs over the years so maybe its their chance to deal with someone they don't like.

  • I'd ditch all of my friends for the girl of my dreams.

  • I'm not about to abandon my closest friend for a girl, even if she is perfect. It would depend on the scenario, if she is tryin to get me to choose, then she's not as cool as I thought and I'm choosing my friend every time. But I'm gonna stand by my bro unless he's cool with it.

  • I can never date my friend's ex, the thought has yet to come to my mind.


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