If a girl bails out on a date last second should she offer to reschedule it or should I?

We had made plans for a first date today and she says something came up which I don't mind since she let me know before the date. Should I offer to reschedule it or should she?


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  • She should. But if it were me, I am a busy stressed out grad student, I would appreciate the effort if he tried. I don't think trying to hard is good but I am not one to believe its all on one person. I think that if a girl isn't into you, and you've kissed or gone on a true date she should tell you. That's what I believe.

    • Well we met at a party and her friends were all into me but I chose her at the end of the night. So she know that I like her but she also knows that I have options. So I'm not going to bother rescheduling since she flaked last second. At least she didn't stand me up but still.


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  • she should if she is mature and responsible.

  • She should, but girls (well, everyone really) don't seem to have that much awareness of courtesy these days. So you're probably going to end up having to ask for a second date anyway.

    • awareness *OR courtesy, not of

    • Naww I'm not going to bother setting up another date. She did say sorry but she's the one that flaked and I'm already over her so if she wants to ask me out she can.

  • If you want to reschedule the date, go and do that. If you don't want to see the girl then don't, and reconsider the date if she ever asks you out again.