Do guys find it attractive if you tell them what you want to do?

For example- at a party, a guy and I danced together and I later talked to him about it. I was talking to him about how he was a good dancer and how he was really attractive. He told me that I had a nice 'behind' and I pointed out the fact that he touched it when we hugged. I told him it didn't bother me at all and that it felt good. He asked me if it was okay with him to do touching and I told him i wouldn't stop it from happening. Does this turn on guys? I'm very curious. What else should I say to him?


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  • Yes most guys will find it an attractive or appealing thing when a girl tells him what they want him to do (unless its housework) or when they initiate or 'further' intamacy eg, taking his hand and putting it where they want to be touched.

    however you do realize you didn't tell him what you want, you only pointed out something he already did, and then gave him permission to do more at his request :)

    but yeah sometimes if you are finding it difficult to voice things specifically, the showing thing works good.


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  • It very much depends on the guy, it is best to get to know the guy and subtly tell him what you want and see how he reacts.


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  • It turns on some men and turns off others. It's normally pretty obvious when it's a turn off, though, so I think you're good in that factor.
    What you should say totally depends on what reaction you're looking for. The above situation could be portrayed as flirtatious and mildly sexual (because a lot of guys have a thing for nice butts).
    Now you have to figure out if you're wanting to have sex with him or not. Unless you live in a state where the age of consent is below 18, I'm not going to advise you on that. I don't know anything about your past sexual relationships obviously, but if you're below the age of consent, that can lead to a massive fallout. Especially if he's over 18, because he'll be slammed with statutory rape if your parents find out and don't like it. That would suck, because SR ranges from a misdemeanor to a felony.
    If you're not wanting to sleep with him: don't continue to say things like this. You'll just be giving him the impression that you do.
    If you are wanting to have sex with him and you two are both above the age of consent, then feel free to continue to say stuff like this. Compliment him. Tell him what you're okay with him touching. Outright tell him you want sex. Guys do tend to like when girls are straightforward rather than coy.

  • Do it , that's so hot