19 year old guy dating 17 years old. Are there laws against just DATING as long as there's no sex?

So when I was 16 I start doing online role plays when I was bored. Eventually I got to know one of the other member very well which lead to constant messaging then Facebook chatting then when I was 18 video chatting. Skip ahead a little, last week during spring break I flew out to see her (with her parents approval of course). We had fun and I think her parents are started to like me more. Her mother took a few photos of us and her dad told me as least I was a complete ass like her last boyfriend (I think that a compliment at the the best I'll get from him). The two of us joke and play around about dirty idea, but we would never have sex yet. She is the type that waits for marriage, and I am wait for the right one (don't want to be someone who regrets they're first time). She has just turn 17 today and is really more mature. Most girl I've met in college are a bit stuck up and always want to go to really expensive restaurants. And a lot don't feel like that have to pay and the one's that do help pay never pay more than half the tip. Being a full time student with a part time job I don't have money to just throw away like that. She is much different, she'll prefer a stay at home date and rather order pizza and watch movies or play video games (A plus in my book since not many girls I've met like video games). But back to the question, we aren't going to have sex anytime soon, but is there anything illegal about us just DATING?


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  • really depends on where you live, like country and state. each place has different laws. A lot of states would say your relationship is fine and that 15 or 16 is an age of consent, particularly if the difference in age is 2 years or less... but again it really depends on where you live

    here's a link with laws by state if you live in the USA


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  • Even if they wanted to make dating illegal they couldn't because what exactly is dating? Its different to different people and if you can't define it its hard to enforce people not doing it.

    • it is hard to define dating you're right. but if in his state it is considered statutory rape then all that would matter is if the girl or the girls parents wanted to press charges... but it depends on the laws of the state and age consent, bla bla bla

  • dating is legal, sex depends on your state. however, it is creepy. you're at different stages in life, when you're in your teens even a year makes a difference, you can't be the judge of her maturity nor can you say that this isn't a matter of power play-she's a kid, you're an adult, chances are she'll be a very different person within a year.


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  • There isn't anything illegal with you two dating per se. Check your state's age of consent laws for sex.

    For sure, having pictures of her naked body is illegal till she's 18.

    I do think you're too old for her. You are in college, she's in HS. You're at completely different stages of life.