He got angry when i asked for a relationship title?

If you have been dating a guy for 3 months. pretty full on. he is possessive and jealous over you. says you are exclusively dating and doesn't want you being with anyone else. and you basically say you want a relationship because he is making you act like you are in one why not the title. and if he replies iv only known your 3 months for fuck sake. what does this mean?


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  • He's not your guy... trust me... he seems like a rude guy so i would get ride of him. It would be better in the long run.


    I would have a serious talk with him.

    I can only seeing this kind of problem getting worse later on in the long run.

    • when I try to talk to him about it he says calm down why you being so erratic. even if we fight he ends being sweet like mwa goodnight xx its like ugh nothing is ever achieved

    • yeah... break up with him

      I'm sorry ik thats not what you wanted to hear... but its better for you in the long run


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  • It means he's an asshole. Get rid of him.

    • he calls me names whenever I do things he doesn't like. then when I get upset says im naiive to take it to heart

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    • yea i am attatched but nontheless im sick of feeling this way. i ended it last night. being very clear that it wasn't a discussion that im ending it there was nothing he could say to change my mind. then this morning he messages me as if nothing was wrong. goodmonring beatuiful xx. and im like NO NO NO and he was like mwa xx. its like what the hell!

    • Just ignore him. Don't respond. That's exactly why ex's shouldn't be friends... because the lines get blurred.

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  • That he obviously has issues and you should really think about if you actually want to be with someone like that? I'm guessing the possessiveness and jealousy will only get worse over time.

    • yes I dont think I do want to be with someone like that. he is very hypocritical and my energy seems to be drained from speaking or spending time with him.

    • There is your answer! You need to get shot of him before he ends up dragging you down to his level. You're so much better than that. Why settle for someone who wants to control you? Good luck though :)

  • It sounds like he is controlling and possibly anger issues to get that angry over a simple question. I say cut him loose.

    • I tried to end things its like he didn't care what I said. he was just like stop overeacting goodnihht xx speak tmr. I then posted some picture quotes on fcbk and hr called me sad that I can't keep my feelings inside

  • he seems inconsistant. why not give a title.

  • This doesn't sound like a good situation.

  • My goodness. If this was me, I would think, "Does this guy actually like me?"

    Three months is about the right time to get a relationship status if two people are actively dating, being exclusive, and acting like a bf/gf couple. A guy who loves you will love to be a couple with you at this time.

    This sounds dangerous. Be very careful. Possessiveness and jealousy are his department. Make sure you understand that distinction.

    • yea thats what I thought. makes me think is he using me? does he have any intention of a relationship. when I raise this with him he says calm down relax nothing is wrong and then insults me saying I dont hv enough hobbies or passions so im overanalysing.