Should I text him or did I lose my chance forever?

So I met a guy at a party in November and he gave me his number but I did not text him because I thought he wouldn't be interested.

I re met him the other day and said hey i know you! He acted pretty jaded and aloof saying he couldn't place me. I pressed a little more and he said oh ya I guess I remember you.

After an unfriendly reintroduction he warmed up a little. I asked him about his degree and he go really excited telling me about what he was learning. We never re-xchanged numbers or said anything about contacting each other. We have pretty different personalities but I wouldn't mind instigating something casual.

So, should I text him? Or would it be creepy and weird.

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  • November was a long time ago , I mean most singles meet people all the time so to not have contacted someone he might of just though you weren't interested. that being said if your both still single it wouldn't hurt to try and contact him if you think he is still interested


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What Guys Said 2

  • Text him. He would want u to

  • are you interested in him or not?


What Girls Said 2

  • I wouldn't necessarily say you "lost" your chance. I think he was just being a typical guy at a party and gave out his number. The fact that he didn't want to keep in contact after you met the second time means he isn't interested. And honestly, if you text him, he would remember that he didn't give you his number the last time and would probably find it creepy.

  • I wouldn't do it. If he barely remembered meeting you then I doubt he remembers giving you his number, it may come off a bit creepy. On the other hand if you feel like you've got nothing to lose then it can't hurt to try!