How do I deal with mixed signals from a guy?

So there's this guy I know, and I think he might be interested in me. Some days he can be quite flirty, but other days he doesn't seem interested much at all. Sometimes we talk on Facebook /Snapchat for ages, then we can go days without talking. I think I might be interested in him, but I want to give it more time to get to know him first.

Do people think this guy might be giving me mixed signals? If so, what do I do?


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What Guys Said 1

  • If he talks to you for long periods of time while he's sober with undivided attention, he's totally a sexual predator trying to lure you into his rape dungeon so he can fiddle with stuff.


What Girls Said 1

  • You think you might be interested in him? Or are you? if you are approach him on days he's not flirting with you and make the first move. See if he's interested in you. If he is amd you are too, ask him straight up what he thinks of you.. so you can get somewhere. If you're not interested or not sure just ignore him and live your life