Why isn't there a dating site that everyone is on, instead of loads of sites that some are on?

This only aplies to people who use internet dating so:
Surely with loads of sites out there we can't all be on every single one, so some people are missing out on meeting a really suitable partner because they may be on site X when the other person is on site Z. Considering this is the problem in the real world (your perfect match you may never get to meet will be in another city or country) I'm surprised the digital age of the internet isn't able to solve this. Facebook has become THE social networking site, why isn't there an online dating equivelant? This could be the applied for apps too.


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  • The internet is a living, breathing organism at this point, haha!
    Facebook is actually starting to die off a little, if you REALLY pay attention. Things come and go everywhere, but they seem to have an even shorter shelf life on the net because there's simply SO much to choose from and it's all just as easy to access as another.
    When I was online dating, I was on several sites at a time, just because I was new to it all and was hoping to meet the best from each. Not sure it really worked out that way, haha!

    • aww, you'll find someone soon!

    • Oh, I stopped trying the online dating thing years ago... and pretty much stopped dating years ago too. I'll get back on the wagon someday, haha!


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  • I think it's called the world, is it not? ;p

    My guess is that because dating sites are way more "sensitive" than social sites like Facebook . With Facebook , everyone can sign in, and you can put up fake names or not put up photos if you don't want to. Also, you don't need to be asked tons of questions, the way some dating sites do, to get some kind of compatibility score or whatever. There are lots of theories or online dating, and each website bases itself on different theories. With social media sites, you don't need all those things. You just sign in, find your existing friends through email or mutual friends, and you're good to go!


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  • From what I have been told my girls on here its cause most of the women just use the sites for attention anyways.

    • yes true, doesn't seem many women on dating sites are actually interested in dating anyone

  • Every one is out of every one's league! It's that simple.

  • Because that would be a monopoly and is illegal

    • how would creating a dating site that anyone is free to join be a monopoly? Is pof of Facebook not one?

    • Facebook is one, but they have competitors still, and nobody has tried to stop monopolys for a long time because people are dumb

  • I think it would take forever to find a match that way. think about how many people would be returned in a search even if you were very specific

    • yeh well im working on it, need someone with amazing website building skills, loads of money and advice from people that have done a similar thing, so basically its not going to happen