What is he feeling now? I need to know?

Hello all. Two days ago I got really really drunk and honestly I remember almost nothing. My boyfriend was with me. I talk too much when I'm drunk so I talked that night too. I don't remember what I said and asked him not to tell me what I said. But today he told me that I told something about my mom's "bad" opinions about him. That means I told too many things that he shouldn't know, probably about all my ex relationships etc. He treats me very nice, like nothing has happened and told "what a bad girl you are, but i still love you so much". Does he really think, feel that way? Or is it possible he may be thinking about revenge or something? Or is it possible that he gave up on me and decided to just hang out with me? Please help me, I feel really really bad...


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  • Your mom's opinions of him are nothing for him to want to get revenge on you. And talking about that does not infer that you talked about your past relationships. He treats you well and says he loves you. Why do you insist on letting your mind go nuts with thoughts of revenge or that he gave up on you. If you keep thinking that way, that could drive him away. Just trust that he has told you the truth and forget worrying. I would suggest you talk to him about things that are on your mind, be it your mother's opinions or your past relationships, if they worry you enough that you fear blurting them out while drunk. If you talk to him while sober, you will control what you say and you will remember it later. After getting it off your chest, you should not have to worry about saying something while drunk. Oh, and do you talk in your sleep?


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  • Maybe he is just playing with you


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