Why does my boyfriend take it out on me when he is stressed out?

My boyfriend has been feeling very stressed because it is final week. We are both in college, so it makes sense. But, he get so angry that he tries to make me feel bad for him. I try to comfort him, but when I tell him that he needs to leave to do his homework, he gets angry with me. He has stormed out of my room, because of it. Why does he do it?


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  • He's stressed out. Just give him some space.


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  • Because gf and bf get into eachothers business so naturally if you pester him a lot when he's stressed out he may get frustrated.


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  • people tend to take it out on those who are close to them
    it's pretty normal if you ask me
    I have been pretty stressed recently and when others tell me that I gotta study or even talk about it I get SOOOOOOO pissed
    so probably you telling him to leave to do his hw when he's already stressed out , pissed him off
    Nothing pisses me off more than others telling me to study or do my homework cuz it stresses me out even more so I get pissed

  • Stress can do things to people. Just let him know how you feel or give him some space till he's back to normal or he apologises.