After how many dates/ hanging out till a female/male tell the other personthay have a child/children?

after how long?
when is the appropriate time?
how should it play out?

wouldn't a person wait to see if it may workout first?
really on the first date? how about the third or second?


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  • Yeah I would like to know immediately. I don't want to necessarily meet the child until her and I are serious because I wouldn't want to get close to the kid and then have us break up. Plus I don't want to have to deal with daddy drama or have any problems created as a result of us dating. So definitely don't keep something like that.


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What Girls Said 3

  • That's definitely something you should share with her on the first date. When she asks what you like to do, which she probably will ask, list some hobbies and end with how you enjoy playing around with your kids. She'll probably ask how old they are, and then you can answer whatever comes up after.

  • Sounds like a first date thing, when you're gettting to know each other. The other person should know their potential SO has a (as a comedian once said) Pre-started family.

  • I don't know maybe right from the start! You know before you go out on a date. A guy will look at it like this. If you could hide the fact you have a kid. What more are/can you be hiding. Always respect you child and yourself first and tell a guy you have a child.


What Guys Said 2

  • I would no later than the first date. Even when were just talking.

  • First date for sure. Just bring it up like it's no big deal. In a way their response doesn't really matter anyway... it's not like that part of your life is going to change one way or the other. Either they'll be cool with it or they won't.