Do girls really ask too much from guys?

Just know I think that's bs. lol I'm pretty sure not every female expects to find Edward Cullen or a Leonardo DiCaprio or *insert guy women think are oh so perfect*.

Unless this is what you considered asking too much from guys:
- Don't screw everything that moves.
- Like the main things I like.
- Don't be boring.
- Don't be a dick to my friends and family.


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  • Ultimately, you should go for whatever you want.

    But, bear in mind that there are roughly equal numbers of men and women. So even being slightly too picky would mean pricing yourself out of the market. Perhaps not every girl deserves a guy who isn't boring. That's something to think about. Regardless, not every girl is going to get a guy who's not boring, because the numbers just aren't there. For such unlucky girls, the choice is singlehood or settling.

    But as I say, do whatever you want. Why does it matter what other people think?

    • I live in america, not China. In America, we have a 50-50 ratio in gender. There's enough girls and guys to go around.

    • Eh? Not all guys are not-boring. So, if all girls want a guy who's not boring (if that's what you're implying), some girls are not going to be satisfied, because AS I SAY we have roughly equal numbers of men and women.

      Please READ before answering. You say "In America, we have a 50-50 ratio in gender" as if I had said otherwise!

    • Oh ok! I see what you're saying. lol I shouldn't be on GAG in the morning! XD I act funny!


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  • Yeh you could have a ticklist of a man thats for example, strong with a good job, good with kids, has his own place, a nice car, tall, funny, smart, is there to have children when YOU want, has a good social circle, nice eyes and as you see the list could go on and on. But if you want a guy whos practically perfect, don't complain if you stay single till you become less picky.
    In a world where women want to be treated as equals, which is what it should be I might add - why should they expect more from men than themselves or be deserving of someone who in their eyes, is of a much higher standard?

    • So women should expect to be with a guy they barely like, who is a deadbeat father, asocial, AND BROKE? I thought guys complained even more when girls go for guys like that! lol XD MAKE UP YOUR MINDS! XD

    • No, not at all, but a normal guy with a job, enough money to live on and who is a decent person should suffice, not someone who represents 0.01% of the population who is probably taken anyway.

  • The vast majority ask way to much and usually don't offer anything close to what they are asking, the very small minority do not ask to much or ask equally for what they bring.

  • Some do. I was reading on this site the other day that one girl I was expecting her new bf to pay for all her rent and a cleaner even though they didn't live together haha

  • Often, yes. They ask for a lot more than you listed.

  • You forgot to add "be attractive" lets be honest you wouldn't date someone ugly. I know I wouldn't.

    • That's not a necessary requirement. For example, I don't find my boyfriend attractive yet I do want him to my first.

  • Women expect more from men than they expect from themselves, which is hypocritical. So the answer to your questions is yes.

    • So it's too much to expect a guy to be faithful and respectful? o. O

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    • How am I asking too much by wanting women who are not entitled, unappreciative and hypocritical?

      Considering so many of your posts here at GAG, your comment about having nothing against the male gender seems rather disingenuous.

    • "How am I asking too much by wanting women who are not entitled, unappreciative and hypocritical?"
      Who said you were? o. O

      "Considering so many of your posts here at GAG, your comment about having nothing against the male gender seems rather disingenuous."
      lol fascinating.

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  • YES. Women expect too much from men. But it is not always a bad thing. We respect ourselves and we want the best for ourselves. By having these 'standards', it may limit the 'market' but we know what we want.

    Although that may be so, you can compromise on some things. and you should be able to. You're not going to get the perfect guy. But you will get the guy who is willing to be perfect for you :)

  • I have the same requirements! Apparently that is asking too much lol.

  • Are the above really too much?:P
    that's what i like to have except for point two, he doesn't have to like the main things i like..

  • Most don't, but some do.