I told him I wasn't ready to stay over, and now we haven't talked in two days...?

I have been dating a guy for almost two months. Things have been going well. Thursday night we were hanging out and he asked if I wanted to stay over. He said his feelings would not be hurt if I didn't, which he repeated a few times. I told him I really wanted to but that I wasn't ready. He walked me to my car like usual and told me to text him when I got home. I texted him, and unusually, he never said anything in the morning. Since my text we haven't talked. Is he mad? Does he feel rejected? I was so nice about it. Should I call him tomorrow? This is just so unlike him.


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  • On the one hand, it is possible that he never had an interest in having a relationship. In this scenario, he would be stringing you along until you have sex with him or until he has exhausted his patience.

    On the other hand, it is possible that he is interested in a relationship. In this scenario, he felt rejected because you declined his offer. Because he felt that way, he could not bring himself to have a conversation, which caused him to ignore the first text. But, because he ignored the first text, he might feel that he needs to confess to feeling rejected and he feels concerned that you will think that he is a jerk for not answering the first text, and, for that reason, he ignores the second text. But, because he ignored the second text... you see the pattern.

    So, which is it? It is hard to say for sure based on the information you gave. I think you should give him a few more days. If the second scenario is true, then those few extra days may be enough for him to acknowledge his irrational behavior and get back in touch with you. That is not to say, however, that him getting back in touch with you would provide that the first scenario is untrue. A jerk could feel that he has exhausted his patience but then decide to dedicate a bit more time into getting sex from you. If he does not get back in touch with you, then just let that relationship end.

    No matter which scenario is true, you would do well to continue declining sex for at least another month or so, because this event does raise serious doubts about his intentions and it is not worth the risk of possibly rewarding a jerk for his jerk-plans. If the guy is a jerk, then another month or so should be enough time to shake him off. If the guy is serious about having a relationship with you, then another month or so is well worth the wait.

    I hope this helps =)


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  • Sounds like he was giving you the "my feelings won't be hurt" spiel, because he was hoping it'd convince you to stay. Make you feel more comfortable and all that. Maybe things aren't moving at the pace he wanted.

    Don't take it personally. A guy who acts like that now, likely would've blown you off after he got what he wanted, too.

  • he's mad because he can't have sex with you. he can't get what he wants so there is no reason in his mind to talk to u

  • Asshole... Hunny... He's an asshole.