If a girl sends a guy mixed signals will he not initiate a phone call or text with her?

I have been unintentionally giving this guy mixed signals because I'm so shy and nervous around him. Could this be why he won't call or text me?


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  • Well your being confused and shy is probably sending those vibes so YES!! it's probably why he hasn't called or asked you out and it's probably why things hasn't progressed because he's unsure of your feelings towards him!!

    • I really like him. I just get super shy and tongue-tied around him. Then he was about to ask me out the one day and I told him how busy I was so I probably unintentionally rejected him.

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    • Definitely will! Thank you!

    • No problem at all.. trust me your not the only one who gets like this, so good luck and I hope it all works out!:)


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  • It could be, or it could be that he isn't that interested in you. (and to quickly apologize if that was ruder then i intended, im sorry) What you don't want to to do is be too straightforward with him. If you could give me an idea of what mixed signals you are sending him, i might understand it more.

    • No, I'm aware of that possibility, but he always seems genuinely interested in me. For the most part I go hot and cold. One day I am really talkative, making eye contact and being myself while the next day I go quiet and sometimes completely ignore him or dont acknowledge when he stands next to me. I just get really shy and tongue-tied around him.

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    • Okay! I will do that. Thank you!! :)

    • of course, good luck!

  • Was seems obvious for woman, can be invisible to the every day guy. So be BLUNT. Not so sneaky. Take a chance.

    • I really want to but the fear of rejection is to crazy. I will take a chance though.

    • Better to know what it's about than to lose sleep over nothing.

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