How can I get my family to stop butting into my dating life when I still live at home?

My mom and sister are constantly judging the newest guy I went on a date with. There's not even a relationship or anything serious going on yet, and they're saying that I'm settling, selling myself short, that he's going to keep me from going anywhere or accomplishing my goals, etc.

I understand why they might feel this way (he doesn't go to school, and can't get a steady job right now because of a DUI), but I'm an adult, close to 23 years old, and it's not like I'm planning a wedding. I'm just looking for someone I connect with right now. Everyone makes mistakes, and his issues will be dealt with soon enough.

I've tried being nice and being a bitch about it, but nothing seems to get my family to back off. What else can I do?


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  • Just ignore them when they talk about it. Be curt with your responses and suck it up until you can move out.

    • Thanks for MH!


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  • Don't give them any ammunition. Don't tell them what you are doing. But you'll find they were probably right after this relationship is over.

  • Don't tell them anything it's your private life. Fuck all to do with them


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