This Guy suddenly stopped staring?

There were a lot of signs that he had interest in me cuz he always used to stare and etc. I don't know now tho because after march break, he stopped with evvveeryythhinnngg and suddenly everything was cut! Like done. I don't know why. He stopped looking and staring. What would be a good explanation for this>


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  • Possibly he met another girl and they are an item, sweetie. Other than that, I don't see why he would suddenly cut you off like that.. Move on, and you will find someone who will Never stop "looking and staring."xx

    • i dont think he did tho... it probably wouldve been in school and he doesn't have anyone at school; as a gf. like thats why it makes noooo sense!! is he trying to play "hard to get" or something?

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    • yeah i guess :/ but i really like himm... sounds cheesy but true

    • I know... we always like the ones we can't have..


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  • He found someone

    • i feel like thats unlikely so wouldn't there be another reason

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  • Let's be real, that's kinda creepy. ALL it was was staring, that's all you had between you two. Maybe he realized he was being creepy. If there is absolutely no communication at all other than staring and looking, there was NEVER anything there. And he may have just been looking to see if you were looking. Waiting and watching to see when you'd look because it amped up his ego.

  • Could be interested in someone else or maybe he felt you weren't interested in him.

    • Could be both but i actually prefer the second... and would that even be possible? Switching who he likes in a couple of days and throwing the other one away like nbd?