Should I text this girl to see how she's doing?

I would always hang out with my friends gf all three of us together. We aren't friends anymore, so I'm tempted to text his girl since we always enjoyed talking to one another and I think he even got a little bit jealous at times, especially when we started getting into a good conversation. I know this is against the bro code but since we aren't bro's anymore, what's the harm to send her a text to see what she's been up to? She never never gave me her number but I have it in my phone cause he would occasionally call her from my phone. So really I think that's the only weird part since she never actually gave me her number. It can't be that weird though for me to text her randomly if we got along good and she knows I'm not a creeper. What do you think ladies?


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  • No don't do it. She will be creeped out that you are texting her because you are her EX's friend. She will just use you to get back at her Ex and no body wins that way!! There other women out there go find them!!

  • Yes you should.


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