Girls: Would you find 'sweetie' offending?

About 2 weeks ago, I mustered up the courage to go and talk to a girl in the bus. We actually went out a few days later and kissed. We got along really well and my instinct tells me she's a keeper, but she is acting kinda strange... she always takes too long to answer my texts but she never leaves anything unanswered and even apologizes. Since I've been fighting to go out with her the past week, I decided to kindly ask her head-on (OK, through a text!) if she had any problem with us going out a second time. She said that she has none, just that the past week was hard on her (she wasn't lying, indeed, she had told me that she was involved with a film festival as a volunteer) and that we'll arrange it one of those days. So I send her the following today: 'Hey sweetie, how are you? Do you wanna grab some coffee tomorrow morning?'. Still, no response.

I've though of the argument of her just not being into me, but I don't think that's the case. I mean, we were kissing in a very romantic way for roughly 40 minutes, she could easily avoid me if she really didn't want to go out with me, and I've given her a clear chance to call it off. And she can't just be acting 'kind', because we don't know each other from the past. So, do you think that maybe the 'sweetie' might have been too soon?


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  • probably too soon. i'm not comfortable with pet names until i've been official with someone for a month or two (and that's after the dating progress too). pet names are for the most important people to you. if you use them too soon, they feel forced (to me) instead of special and i might wonder if you're trying to use a pet name instead of my real name so that you don't have as much trouble juggling the names of the girls you're dating.


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  • Sweetie is something I hate being called! Just because family calls me that but because it Just makes the conversation more awkward than needed. It's too early in my opinion


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  • Some guy called my cousin 'cupcake' and my cousin proceeded to beat the absolute shit out of him.