Guys: How often do you text a girl that you just met and went on three dates with in the past month?

How often do guys feel they need to text a girl they are just starting to know? When do guys usually start texting more?


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  • If I just got a girl's number I don't text I'd call it's more personal and I'm trying to make a connection and texts just don't give off that emotional feeling for me. It would also depend on the girl, I''ll give it a day before I call her. Now I'm not saying that I don't text because she might be in class or at work then I might but I'll tell her to call me once she's out of class/work. Plus 3 dates in a month...that's quite a slow start for me, how big were these dates, just dinners, lunches, nothing extra special?

    • Just dinners. Do guys usually feel comfortable talking on the phone though? I always have the feeling texting is more comfortable for them, thus if they don't text then it's not a good sign...but then again I don't know, is it normal that guys just text enough to set up dates?

    • Look guys who are unsure of what to do with a girl text because it takes the pressure of from talking face to face. A real man isn't scared from the pressure. I have the self-confidence to talk to a girl, ask for her number and talk to her over a phone call because that's how it is supposed to be done. I would text if she started with a text, but to answer your question to set up a date yes and no. Sometimes a text is just faster or more convenient because as I had said they are at work or in class. But if that's the case i would text, but I usually like to call, just my preference.


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  • If the girl likes to text than i like to text it really depends on her


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  • i have read on here that some guys aren't big texters, so they'll just say the least amount they have to and move on because theyd rather talk face to face or at least over the phone, as in a call, not a message.

    in my experience though, if a guy likes a girl they will text back and forth all day. in the beginning stages of a possible relationship, maybe off and on throughout the day nothing real serious.