Girls, should I apologize to her in the beginning or later or maybe not at all?

Me and this girl went on a few dates in college and after those dates before we even had sex she cooked dinner one night and told me she loved me.

I liked her a lot but I wasn't a stable grown up person back then so after only a few weeks of dating this scared the living hell outta me and I just stopped seeing her at all not even giving her a real break up talk.

Believe me I know how shitty this was of me.

I'm seeing her for dinner and a movie on Saturday since we are in the same city again and I feel like the grown up versions of us two have a shot at something good

Do you think there is the possibility of us dating with our history?

And should I apologize to her and if yes when? Fyi I have seen her a few times after we ended things but we never really talked then.

thanks :)


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  • i think you should apologize to her asap. like as soon as all the polite conversation is over and done with and once y'all have sat down at the table. that will help ease some tension i think.


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  • Apologize soon but bit right away

  • I think both of you need to have a good serious chat but not necessarily right away. If your date goes well and you intend to take the relationship further, I think at that tine you should talk with her about the past and apologize. If you really want to date her you should tell her how sorry you are and that you have changed.


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  • I think you should put the apology in the back burner for the moment and see how the date goes, there's no need to shoot yourself in the foot first. I think this might just be fresh start, even with the history see how the date goes. I might even wait until the both of you are fully comfortable with you guys before shaking things up and I don't mean that in a good way.