How should I go about trying to date younger somewhat popular girls I know from pub?

I've meet some single girls at the local pub in the last year or so but there a bit younger than me and due to age difference even though were from same small town we didn't really know each other till we meet at pub. most of them go away for college and only back home for holidays and summer break which starts may- August . so I see them often during summer but not a lot rest of year. even though it be challenge is still a couple I'd be interested in dating on a more serious level but not sure how to go about things.
as I've had a hard time getting dates with these girls so far even though we hang out at pub a fair bit and see a lot of each other on weekends. I don't know if I should mention to them I'd like to date someone this summer or just ask more often for # and that might make it more clear I wanted to get to know them better. I also don't buy them drinks much and not sure if I should maybe do that more often if I'm into the girl or if it be a waste of $ and time

any thoughs or ideas?


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  • IF they have already said they don't want to date, I think that's pretty clear.

    • no most of them haven't been clear what they wanted and for a lot of last summer I didn't have a full time job so I didn't really try and date them more just party and be friends with them. this year is different as I have ft job now and feel better about my chances

    • Then go for it


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  • Ask her out


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  • Just be honest with them either way they will respect straightfowardness