Do you have limitations on who you would date? Is this because of your family?

I am just curious to see if you have limited your options to who would you date.

It could be cultural reasons or looking for similarity or because you want them to be accepted by your parents.

or it could be that your parents won't allow you to date anyone else?


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  • I had before. I didn't even go anywhere they found inappropriate. Suddenly I realize, as long as I don't hurt anybody what is this worshiping?
    I don't want to hurt them. I usually get advise from them but if i like a guy, i will date, find a balanced solution between him and my family.


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  • Coming from a culturally diverse set of parents, the cultural thing has little to no role in this.

    But for whatever reason, a 3+ year age difference is a huge deal for my dad, so there's some occasional problems there.

    Personally, I do have a few "types" that I tend to stick to. But that's not like a must type of thing where I won't date out of that area of guys, but I guess it plays a role in what kind of guys I'd approach if I had an option.


What Guys Said 2

  • I date anyone I want, at any time that I want. Family never enters into the equation.

  • As long as she's cute and is a fun gal with a nice personality, there are no limitations.

    • what do you define as a nice personality? do you mean someone pleasant to be around or someone that is morally-sound i.e does not hurt others/ is a bully for no reason?

    • Nice personality as in, down-to-earth, not stuck up, easy to get along with.

    • ah thanks.