I am 25years old she is widow 50years old, here is my question.

I am 25 years old and she is 50years old. she looks very sexy as she well maintained. I props her and she accept my proposal. We both said i love u and all. we chat with each other. we are since 1.5 year in love with each other.

Now i want to marry her. she is also ready for marriage. She is also ready. She have one girl 28years old and boy 24years old.

How to tell my parents that i want to marry her? Give me any idea so that my parents approve my marriage with her.

Her kids independent so after marriage we start our own life.


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  • You are a grown man , you don't need your parents approval.
    Go with your heart and be with the woman you love.
    She is much older and that is something she cannot control.
    If she treats you right (something that is in her control), then I don't see why you shouldn't give her a chance.


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  • You just have to explain your situation, how your feelings are towards her. Honestly, it mights be a chock for them, they are probably around her age and...she can't get pregnant, so they'll probably think you won't have children. Just stay calme and try to make them understand.

  • What did her kids say about it? If you don't mind me asking.

    • her kids know about me they are ok with it.

  • just tell them and if they can't accept that you're happy then they are selfish and only thinking of what everyone else may think instead of your happiness


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