Guy I am seeing has not contacted me in almost a week...?

I initiated a text conversation twice and the last time he said that we will get together soon. He has been really busy with preparing for a conference and work and I know that, but we haven't talked in almost a week! I am getting worried because we are still in the one month stage of hanging out/maybe dating/not getting too serious stage. I potentially want more out of this and am afraid he will not initiate the next conversation or make plans. Am I being too clingy or paranoid? How long should I wait to ask if we ever going to go out again when he clearly said did want to. Is it bad we do not talk often? Is he losing interest in me?

So, he finally called me! :) very happy. I guess he was really busy and I just needed to give him some space.


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  • Being you Are in the beginning stages of not really knowing where you stand and where it might lead to with him, you have every right to feel----"paranoid." You don't know him that well, so you feel as though he could be losing interest and not "initiate conversation or make plans."
    I have found that with today's toms, many of them are not always on the yarn ball when it comes to talking and texting. If there are no ties or strings attached to Anyone, they push their own buttons anytime they feel like it, and don't seem to give a rat's behind who is waiting and wondering on the other line.
    Although he is this busy business beaver, and it has been almost a week since you last heard from him, I think the best thing to do right now, is wait it out and let him come to you with the next convo. You have already initiated Twice, and he has told you that he has been busy, and that the both of you will be "getting together soon." If you push a few of your own buttons again, you just may botch things up, and another chance to form your own "conference" with him, and you certainly don't want to come off as----"clingy."
    No, I would not suggest you mention anything about "ever going out again." If you're in the first baby stages of "walking on eggs" with him, you don't want him to grow cold duck feet and end up waddling back into the murky waters. Some guys are strange in their own right about certain things when it comes to girls and getting together. They have their own mindset of how they want to work it, and any "interference" makes them agitated and sometimes even---disappear for awhile.
    For now, see what happens in the next few days. Although frustrating and scary, take your mind off of this by focusing on something else. Don't drive yourself crazy. And never know...he may be in the habit of being this sporadic text tom, and if that's the case, you may as well start getting used to it now.xx

    • This was very helpful! Thank you! I have been focusing work and studies and trying to think that it is his lost if he doesn't want to continue seeing each other. Just the problem is that I really like him.

    • You sound like an amazing girl, and if something should happen, then there are other ones more deserving of you. I have seen guys text 2 weeks later, and 'in between." Yes, of course you like him. Just keep busy, and what will be will be. If it's not meant to be: His big loss.xx


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  • It really depends. Some guys stop because they are the only ones initiating contact. Others stop because they lost interest for whatever reason. He may just be busy


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  • If you've initiated the last contact, leave it there. I wouldn't text him again. It's still early into.. whatever it is you're calling it, annnnd it's still quite possible he's pulling the good ole fade on you. Don't wait on him, even if he said he wanted to go out again, go and have fun, see other people, but don't wait around on him to get his shit together and contact you. In the mean time, if he does want to go out and see you again, you can be sure that he'll contact you.

  • It's frustrating but you need to give him space. Back off distract yourself stop worrying. He will come around soon if he's interested and if not he wasn't into you and you don't want to waste time with someone who doesn't like you.