Guys: how long do you text before you get bored? And how do you end the conversation?

This guy I used to see I could text him for hours and then I think he would finally get bored and end the conversation with 4 of the kissy face emoticons 😘😘😘😘 or another one depending what was said. I am a motormouth so I can literally text for hours with a guy I'm into unless I take a hint and shut up. How long should I (for future reference) really keep the conversation going? Maybe too much of a good thing is bad. I mean maybe send a couple texts back and forth then give it a rest for a couple hours or so or what? And how do you guys end a convo? With an lol or emoticons? Just curious. I think I can be too codependent at times which isn't good.


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  • It depends on the guy. I don't mind texting for a while but hours is a little extreme but again, it depends on the guy. I wouldn't say I get bored texting if I'm into a girl but usually I end up having to do something else like sleep, work, chores, whatever.


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  • If she is the one I am crazy about I can do it all day long. I never get tired of communicating with my special woman..

    • We could text for like 6 hours lol. But not that many hours every single day

  • I tend to make a lot of faces because its nearly impossible to express emotions over text :)

    • Mostly he would talk in words, but once he complimented me and I complimented him back and I got 6 rows of kissy faces lol. Sometimes I would get a heartfelt awwww or something and others emoticons. I'm probably reading too much into it

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