Why am i my worst enemy? Im driving myself nuts?

Lately things have gone downhill.. I've come to conclusion that i should never date anyone. Why? well because im so use to being alone all the time, and being "me" and feeling "empty", the moment i date someone i get so attached and it gets hard to go back to being "me".
I've dated a guy who doesn't even live in my town, and we had 5 amazing great dates, and suddently it seems like he hasn't been so into me, i get crazy and analyze, even though he told me things are a bit hectic now and he has a lot going on, this month all he has done is traveled to different countries and towns for conferences and he goes to university and also is very politically engaged so he traveles a lot . But i feel like i need attention and i get needy and clingy but i havnt been needy and clingy towards him, but towards myself, i beat myself down thinking im not good enough for him and why would he even care to date me when he can chose so many others. On our last date he told me he liked me but he hasn't contacted me a lot lately..
i hate dating


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  • Dating is the greatest and most frustrating at the same time. It sound to me going by the info here that he is into you. I know with myself, when I'm busy I start getting stressed and I'm just not in the mood to talk. It has nothing to do with not being very interested in someone I'm dating, I'm just stressed. Also when I'm stressed I get short and quiet when I do talk to her, not intentionally of course.

    • I just get frustrated cause i hear nothing from him than i think have i done something, and even though he said he has a lot going on i think he is just another guy using it as a excuse, yet i do know he is busy.. crazy woman :p i know

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    • Ya, do I have any rights to ask him what we are and if this is going anywhere or will that make him pull away?

    • I would just wait for right now. If he's still mad, it might do more harm than good. Of course you have the right to ask him that tho. Maybe if he calms a little then ask him.


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  • I understand completely, we as women, want validation that he's interested. When he's busy with work its hard to come 2nd, you have to have the ability to have platonic friends and social options that way to not feel like u will be "alone again". If he's genuinely busy and you can't cope with that lifestyle then he's not for you anyway.

    • I do know he has a lot going on and I know its important to him cause when we first began dating he did priorities me but this whole month has been crazy and I feel like he isn't interested

    • @I understand completely, we as women, want validation that he's interested

      people who like other people romantically usually want to believe and have confirmation the other person cares. i dont see how this is about being a woman.

  • You're fine. This is normal. It's called "Separation Anxiety".

    • I hate it , what can i do to make it go awaY? he is always so busy and basically doesn't have time for me, and i did ask him if there would be a next time, and he said yes there will be but so much going on right now, and somehow i dont believe him cause actions speak louder than words?

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    • Jealousy that he has a lot going on and needyness cause I'm not being put as a priority , insecurity cause im afraid he might chose others

    • Then I would recommend you stop dripping poison in your veins. His lifestyle likely won't shift for you, there's no reason for it to, and you seem to not accept that.

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  • I agree, you shouldn't date right now. You have some personal issues to work out first.