Is my bf trying to teach me a lesson?

We recently got into a huge fight... well there were a couple ones before, spread out like in a couple months and I said a lot of hurtful things out of insecurity like:

I don't think we're working out.

Maybe we'll be happier with other people.

I think it's best if we break up.

Now he's tossing the same things back in my face after this huge fight telling me "doesn't feel good does it?"

He proceeds to have me stay over and is intimate with me. While dropping me off this morning he tells me he's not sure if it's best we be together because he doesn't want to hurt me and tells me he loves me so much and he'll have a hard time finding someone again who cares and loves him as much as I do if we don't work out.

He held my hand the whole way to my home and hugged and kissed me bye... including my hand over and over again telling me how beautiful I am.

Like he wants space... and I texted him after 8 hours of being alone, he texts me calling me babe. I'm so confused... getting mixed signals... I thought a guy who may think its best to break up won't continue to call girls by pet names?


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  • She's right, YOU need to put your foot down. Either he broke up with your or he didn't, which is it?

    And what a douche for having sex with you before breaking up that's so dumb


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  • He wants more than one sexual relationship during the week. He's still sampling the candies and not decided which is his favorite yet. You're still in the running, as he has not yet discarded you but is preparing all of you (all of you may be only in his mind, his wishes) for the possible heave ho.

  • Why did you say such things to him? obviously its your fault to kill his mood. and he's a greater asshole that instead of breaking up, he's fucking your mind and playing games.. you both need to grow up, break up NOW and find a good guy, and dont tell such things to any guy again...


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  • Just leave him be for as much as you can and absolutely stop throwing those terms around.

  • Take the lead.. this kid doesn't know what he wants :/ What do YOU want?

    • I just want no drama... I've apologized for snapping at him for mistakes. trying to be more chill and being his best friend rather than worrying about "us" all the this afternoon i started by greeting him with a flirty line via text rather than a sappy love story

    • Yeah.. and he's still confused? Haaa? Do whatever the Ef you want cause he sure as heck isn't leading things, is he?