Did I love my ex girlfriend more than she loved me? Is it that simple?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me after over a year over the phone about 6 months ago. She gave me no closure and since then we have had no contact. She was rebounding with a guy like 2 weeks after and I think they are dating (I have friends relatives who know her). I am 21 she is 20..I could not quite bring myself to have sex with her, but she was my first everything (girlfriend sexual relationship someone I loved)..She had been with other guys before..but she was still a virgin. We go to different colleges, and two days ago her and her new boyfriend were on my same tour.. Out of nowhere she walks in the room.. It was so weird. I do not have any romantic feelings for her, but I still have this impact she makes on me inside because she was my first and I dated her for over a year and got romantically involved. 1. She was the person telling me how excited she would be to marry me and how she was the luckiest girl in the world a week before she broke up with me. I still feel pain and hurt and I still need to heal. How is she already in another relationship so easily? Did she really not love me like I did her? Is it that simple? any thoughts or experiences? thanks


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  • Big possibility she was already dating this guy before and she couldn't face you in person so she did it over the phone.start dating again and time will heal you.


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  • Hmmm, well Im going to offer the older and wiser parental answer ya always hate to hear, lol. Im sure she loved you but you both are still very young. Hormones are in overdrive & its possible she was ready to take your relationship to the next level and make it a sexual one. Then again, maybe not. As its also possible this new guy came on scene and she developed a little 'fling' with him that's not quite over yet. Regardless, you were each others 'first' for a lot of things but definitely won't be the last. If you've managed to go on with your life (post break-up) without giving her too much emotional drama about it then good for you! That's the best thing you can do! She's also more likely to come running back to you once she tires of the new guy she's with. And, absence DOES make the heart grow fonder! She didn't offer you a reason for the break-up because she doesn't have one (other than being attracted and curious about the new guy she's with). Yet she wouldn't tell you that because she doesn't want to burn her bridge with you in case things don't work out with him but like GoodGirl2014 mentioned, try not to over analyze the situation and just move on. You'll find someone else... someone you'll like even better than her! ;)

    • Thanks, I know I will but it is hard. The problem was I did not handle the break-up well. I asked twice for in person closure and she wouldn't give me a yes or no. She just did not show.

    • She either didn't show up to give you closure because she's a flake who finds it easier to blow you off or because she's not ready to permanently close things with you... considering you dated for over a year its most likely she's just not ready to burn her bridge back to you if and when she gets sick of the new guy. I know how hard it can be, but think you could do better and deserve someone who won't just leave you hanging.

  • I don't understand how you say that you didn't had sex with her, but then mention that she was your first sexual relationship. It's not healthy in my opinion to try to over analyze a relationship once it's over. I think closures are important and if she can't give you that then it might be good for you to write about your feelings. Write her a letter (even if you never send it) in order to express those emotions and find some closure. Good luck!

    • We never had sex because I did not want to take her virginity, but she wanted me to kiss her and be more physical with her, hence a sexual relationship. I am an anomaly and find physical touch extremely special.

    • Basically because I loved her I compromised.

  • Girls love hard ti but we have problem. Showing them I think. She loved you


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