Why is she acting like this right when?

So me and this girl have been talking fir almost a week now. We get along great i know she likes me and she knows i like her. We text every day even in school sometimes. we aren't awkward around each other we always have something to talk about. the only reason i haven't asked her out officially yet is because we haven't hung out outside of school yet. anyway i walk her to class everyday because she asked me to. well you know when 2 people are dating and theyre about to leave for two different places so they turn and face each other to kiss? well she does the whole turn and face me part but she usually just says cya and smiles at me. I asked her for a hug and it was probably the mist awkward hug I've ever gotten. i dont expect her to kiss me but a hug shouldn't be a problem right? why does she turn all awkward when we are about to leave?


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  • Maybe she's shy..
    Well, you can tell she likes you, you two always have good convos, and she asks you to walk her to her classes so that's good. Don't worry too much about hug part. It sounds she likes you! she probably is wondering when you going to ask her out..


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  • maybe she was over-thinking things, do i seem too eager? do i seem too aloof? why is he asking for a hug? why can't he just hug? . we girls tend to do that :P
    or maybe she's just a really shy person, don't know enough about her to tell

  • Maybe she is waiting for a kiss.


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