Guys: When a guy likes a girl does he try to make her jealous?

Ok so I really really like this guy and he really really likes me too and we've been flirting for a while (we both never flirt unless feelings are involved). And lately he's been getting a bit more forward with his hints (he's a bit shy so it's still just hints and flirts) and when we were talking on Facebook he suddenly sent me a screenshot of a whatsapp group with him and some girl friends of his while they were joking but when I told him (as a joke ) that it's ok if he goes and talks to them cause they have the priority he immediately sent me a grungy face saying that he just teases and jokes with them and that they don't have a priority. And we kept talking for an hour or so.
What do you think? Does he like me? Was that move to see if I care as mych as he does or to show me that he doesn't care?


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  • Immature guys will try to make you jealous. They'll flirt with other girls in front of you, tease them, call them on the phone, or tell you about them...

    So yes, the Facebook move was to try to get you jealous and/or try to impress you with how many girls he knows.


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  • Its possible but I think most guys (me included) do not TRY to make a girl jealous that we like. I just try to smile and flirt and hopefully it goes somewhere.

    • Agreed. I might (probably) tease, but intentional jealousy sounds too dangerous for my ventures

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    • Ok.. hope you're right. Thanks for answering.

    • Your welcome. Just take it easy and woo him. you'll get there ;)

  • Guys don't talk to girls we don't like. We would never waste the time. He likes you.

    • Thanks for answering.. that's what I thought. Especially that he's the kind of guy that has too much ego or shyness (donno) that's why I'm having the hardest time gettibg him to finally admit his feelings.

    • When in doubt, assume shy. Most people are shy as fuck.

  • In my cae, yes I would...and it does work!..kind of though :P

    • okay, so does what he did means he actually likes me? imagine that he's you and tell me what your point would be by doing that (for more details of what he did read my story above:P)

  • Making someone jealous is game playing and immature..Guys talk to girls they are interested in.


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