How come she doesn't initiate conversations?

I've been texting with this girl for a couple weeks now. I already think we have strong compatibility. She's smart, funny, and very cute.

We've been on a single date. It went well. We got to know each other better and joked around a fair bit. Afterwards, after I texted her something, she texted me that she had a really good time and that she wanted us to keep in touch. She also sent me a pretty romantic song on YouTube alluding to our meeting. We currently live a couple hours from each other. However, we will very soon be living very close to each other and have made lots of future plans, haha.

Anyway, I've noticed that she has not once initiated a text with me. If I don't text her, we'll go hours and hours without saying anything to each other. However, once I text her, she is usually very responsive. In fact, I texted her after a long hiatus yesterday and she sent me a pretty selfie she took.

I know it's quite early in our little relationship to ascertain anything, but I wonder...

Does she not think about me?

Or does she just enjoy me being the initiator despite the long pauses?


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  • I think she us trying to give you dome not trying to look pushy and force you into doing something you're not sure of but she sure is waiting for your text all the time (trust me).
    I'm having the same situation backwards I'm the one who starts the convos but he always replies fast and puts a lot of thought into his replies I meaN once I asked him if he thinks blonde would suit me he immediately sent me a link to a toutube video with a girl with my complexion and body figure and blonde hair! What do you think he's thinking? Help :p


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  • Maybe she's shy to initiate a conversation and maybe she enjoys you being the initiator...:) some girls are just like that

  • Some girls, believe it or not, are not obsessed with texting. Personally, when I like a guy, I may text him less than my guy friends because I don't want to come across as overbearing. I also am way more in favor of time spent together, so I don't text a lot. Definitely doesn't mean there's no interest there.
    She likes you--maybe she's a little shy about initiating conversations. But if she didn't like you she wouldn't be doing anything you described.


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  • Girls are a pain in the ass about this. You said hours, but I knew a girl who, if I didn't say anything, would go days without a word. In fact, if I had stopped texting her, I doubt we'd have ever spoke again. But she was responsive when I sent her stuff. I have no idea why they do this crap, but it's very annoying.

  • People generally want space and it's normal in my point of view.