Why do some guys just shut up in the middle of texting or messaging?

I like him and he likes me but he does that sometimes.why?


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  • I've always had this problem with guys too, even just guy friends.
    From what I can tell, guys just don't seem to care about texting as much as girls do, generally speaking. Just as men don't seem to be as concerned with constant communication as women are, again, generally speaking.

    I think what we (ladies) have to remember is that 9 times out of 10, they don't really do this hurt us or to tick us off. I don't think they even think it's a big deal, or even an issue at all. They're just done talking, so they stop. Or, of course, they get busy.

    What you can do is playfully mention it to him, the no-goodbye/ignoring thing. There's no reason to make a big stink out of the situation, but there's also no reason you can't say what's on your mind either.

    • I know but it's hard to keep forgiving them every single time !

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    • Thanks for MH ^_^
      I hope things have improved!

    • You're welcome:)
      I donno! He's too confusingLol.
      Check my last question and you'll know what I mean.


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  • Bored. Doing something else. When I say bored, I mean that guys don't focus for long before wanting to do something else.

  • I don't like saying night, bye or anything when texting because I always text back. Especially if it's a girl I'm interested in. So, if I don't text back it's because I'm busy or because I went to sleep shortly after I sent my last text message. I'd rather go to sleep so when I wake up I have something to respond to vs saying night or bye and having to restart the conversation all over again.

  • Because we have nothing to say?

    Because we don't get off on texting the way girls do.

    • Ok but a"ok, later" or "bye" would be nice instead of just going silent all of a sudden! or even not replying whatever question a person just asked! Don't guys know that it's rude to do that!

    • We don't see it as rude.

    • Aha.. ok thanks

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  • Same reason girls do I think. Something else needed their immediate attention. Or they didn't know how to respond and left it at that?

  • Interrupted or doesn't think the message needs a response.
    I sometimes stop texting (when I see the message doesn't need a response) because I don't want to get over-saturated with the guy...