If someone has always been bad at socializing, do you think that there is no point in dating, especially after the age of 26 and never dated?

And would you immediately give up on that person because of that. sure everybody and every situation might be different.

still though I think that most girls would give up on a guy who was always socially awkward and never really had "a life" to speak of. never really had friends or great experiences, or had bad friends and doesn't know how to come back from that

and do girls want guys who have had the same sort of social experiences they have had?


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  • Its never too late to fix that :)


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  • A lot of people are single and older. Not everybody is in relationships. You will find somebody.

  • If I wanted the guy enough I'd walk him through the steps, be patient with him.Social experiences don't matter either as long ss you two now have a similar mindset about them.


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