Girl giving guy her number without asking and girl messaging first?

If you have been talking to a girl for a few days how would you feel or think if this girl gave you her number without you asking and if she messaged you first a few times? Especially if you had been online earlier and didn't message her would that automatically show you don't like her?


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  • No. It's a great change of pace when a woman takes initiates. According to a lot of psychological research, people like those who likes, or seem to like, them. Thus, when a girl has taken the initiative, I assume that she likes me and it allows me to relax a bit. It's great. Unfortunately, due to the illogical, asinine myth to which many people subscribe—that you should make the other chase you—a lot of times the girl starts worrying that she's making too much effort and appearing desperate (even though those thoughts haven't crossed my mind) and she backs way off wanting me to chase her, which confuses me and makes me wonder if I did something that made her lose interest.

    So long story short, I like it when a girl makes effort. Don't overthink it. That, overthinking it, will be what ruins it, not that your initiating.


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  • I think its flattering when a girl takes initiative a bit.
    I was with this girl chatting a girl on Facebook and she asks for my contact number 1st, at 1st i denied it and i get her number 1st to reclaim my lead.
    If i didn't message her for a while it does mean two things:
    A) I'm busy and just online, leave it at there.
    B) I want to gauge her attraction level, if she COMES TO ME 1st, she's likely to be attracted.
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  • If a girl did that, I would have no problem. It would be good, because I get to feel less pressure. But I think the girl also needs to step back after the first text. Because the GUY should be the one asking her to meet up once he feels comfortable enough.

    I think it's good when the girl takes the lead, but at some point the guy may want too as well.

    I personally don't mind girls that are more confident or dominating. As long as she gives me some room to also lead at times.


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  • She's the confidant type who is comfortable enough with making the first moves toward a relationship. She likes you, dude! If you like her, show some interest and make up for not replying.