Guys... whay do you think about being with a girl whose been hurt badly?

so I've been through a lot these past six years and it has taken a lot from me. People made my family unhappy for years, they took away my childhood and ability to trust and let myself be young and live and be happy. The situation made me grow up too fast and miss out on important things.

i am scared to go out and try to date because I think no guy would ever want to be with a girl like me because it wouldn't be fair to them. I just keep thinking that its not fair to make them part of my problems and my issues, although I've been working on them and my friends tell me I've been making great progress.

so would any guy ever date a girl like me...


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  • I would have!

    I liked to date girls that needed some 'building up' as it put me in a position where there really was something I could give them, and I liked seeing them gain confidence in themselves.

    The past you can't do anything about. The present is yours, and the real question is "What do I do now to make the future more like what I want?"

    Just be aware of the guys that want a low-self-esteem girl because she's "controllable".

    Every girl has good and bad points. **Every** one of them. **No** woman is perfect from every guy's point of view. So what are your good points? I can tell you're kind, considerate of other people's feelings. You're reasonably intelligent. You can understand responsibility, rights, and privileges. You have friends who value you, and you value them. You sound like a pretty good catch to me! ;-)

    You can only find out by trying it. If you're already prepared for the guy not liking you, it'll probably happen, but given that, what's the worst that could happen? You go out on a date and it doesn't work out, right? It's happened to me many times. So what? You just try again!

    There's someone for you.

    Keep smiling, pal!



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  • Well it depends on the guy. But personally pretty much every girl I've been with has had some sort of trauma or bad things happen to them, it's like I attract them! But it's fine, I'm a good listener and try to help out where possible etc,. A real guy will stick by your side regardless, and try to help. I hope you find that guy, and don't worry! :)

  • You are human. we are all shaped and molded differently. if a guy can't accept yov for who you are he isn't worth your time

  • I am.


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  • i feel the same way. I came out of an abusive relationship and I also have a family who is 'broken'. my father left us when I was little and my mom has bene a single mom since then. and the guys I've been with have also messed with my ability to trust any guy, I have a 360 degree barrier around me and I am much colder than I used to be be fore I dated. so. the answer to that is YES. because once you start taking care of yoruself, solve the problems as best you can, keep family business away from dating business, you'll be fine. I also went to counselling too, it helps a lot or just to talk to a good close friend who you can trust.