Can an albanian guy date any race or is their restrictions?

I've met a nice albanian guy. He's very attractive and a good hardworking guy. We talk often and flirt too. Neither of us have made the move its been four weeks. He's a less assertive type of guy so I'm going to have to express more interest.

I'm not sure if he can date me though. An I'm not sure whether their culture is to stick to their own can't help who I have feelings for though. I have great chemistry with him.

I'm a mixed raced girl. Mix of welsh, jamaican, portugese and American . From both mom and dad. Tanned skin dark hair, brown eyes etc. I'm attracted to guys who are not like me and I love that he speaks their language but also speaks English extremely well so I can totally understand him and he can get me aswell. Which makes it mmore interesting. I'm willing to learn his language or be a part of things to do with their faith as I want to get closer to him.

I think he may think I only like black/mixed race dudes but they are mostly disrespectful jerks I have noticed. An he is a gentleman who treats me so well. Even though we have not began dating.

I'm worried about making a move as what if he says he can't date me :/


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  • I'm pretty sure this is 2014 and we all should start thinking like it lol go for it, girl! Could be one of the greatest romances of your life. If you never try, you'll never know and that can really be a shame in the long run. So, have some confidence, be adventurous, and remember: fate favors the fearless!


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  • I don't think staying "in your race" is an up to date practice anymore honestly, I mean I'm a southern white American that's dated girls from Puerto Rico, Portugal, Spain etc . 50 years ago I'd get shot for that lol

    But I've noticed Albanians do tend to stay within Albanian families. You'd have to find out from him personally. But this is the way I'd look at it, if you're interested and so is he then the race/culture stuff shouldn't matter.

  • I'm pretty sure Albanian's can only date Mexican's.

  • usually they have restrictions, my neighbor dated out of his race, but married his own..


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  • Go forward! He may like you and you will only know if you try.
    Don't let these thoughts prevent you from finding love.

    Good luck ;)