Was this just a drunk text or does he want to be with me?

This guy i used to see texted me at 2 am saying he screwed up and back then he didn't want a girlfriend, but "really liked being with me and wishes he was with me". He said he thinks about the time we spent together a lot. It sounded kind of genuine and had no spelling errors, plus he didn't just ask me to come over or anything, so I'm starting to think its legit. it's just weird because I have a boyfriend now and it's been almost a year. He also kept saying "i didn't know what i wanted then, but i know I want you"


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  • I have no idea if he was drunk or not, but also consider that at night people are much more emotional and confident in doing something like that. Take it for what its worth, it could mean that that is what he wanted deep down or even that maybe he hasn't thought it through that much and it was just an impulse.


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  • the truth comes from the mouth of drunkards (or children also)