Girls, please: it seems like I am entering some kind of "relationship" with a Arab girl, but unsure of culture differences... what do I do?

We started out as acquaintances but over the past month we have slowly gotten to know each other well and have discovered that we like each other... it's at that point where we know there's the start of a "thing" and I don't really try and hide my interest, and she doesn't either. It's at the point where I have met her mother who liked me, she is very supportive of me and feels like she is there for me, and sends me kissy faces and such when we text. The thing is, she is from the Middle East and has only been in North America for under 2 years, so there's a culture difference... I'm not sure at what "point" in the relationship we are. Usually, for me, if I like a girl we go out on dates, sleep together around the third one, and it starts out casual before deciding if we want to enter a committed relationship. This is a VERY different situation, especially since we knew each other before it turned romantic. She has dated before, but I'm not sure the extent of the physical part, AND I'm scared to try and kiss her too early or something!


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  • Simple! ASK. Tell her that its not that your in a rush to get to intimacy but would like to know how she feels about it and if its something she would like to wait on til marriage or until she is comfortable. Also be sure to let her know that this is all new to you and that
    You dont want to scare her away by doing anything she's not ready for due to her culture


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  • Sorry but is that really your profile picture? Okay so calm down take a deep breath and relax. Remember if you want answers talk to her about everything you are feeling. Don't move to fast in the relationship. Yeah your last relationships they slept over but this girl different. Everything has his time. If you met her mom that's great you mean something special to her then. Stop over reacting and asking people to help you on this question instead let her know. Goodluck

  • You're asking the same freaking question again. Can you not ask her where you stand and where her boundaries are. Stop being scared.


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