Why text me if he doesn't keep conversation going?

He always texts me saying what's up at least once a week. From that I can tell he's not a big texter so I don't bother him much with texting. But he texts me hey what's up but doesn't try to keep the flow going beyond five texts unless I persists and ask questions. Is he just bored? Checking up on me? Do I always need to end each text with a question for him to text me back? FYI, we have been seeing each other for a month now.


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  • He probably feels like he should be texting you since you're in a relationship with him. So he'll send you the texts because he thinks that's what he should be doing. From what I know, girls expect to be texted or have at least some contact with me if I'm in a relationship with them on a frequent basis.

    In his opinion, the five texts or so are enough to constitute a conversation via text which fulfills this expected communication.

    He doesn't want to go any farther than that because...he's not a big texter. He really couldn't care to continue random and unnecessary conversations that don't have much meaning in the 1st place.


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  • You said he is not a big texter. THAT'S why he doesn't keep the conversation going. If his method of communication is texting and you dont like the way he approaches it, then find another way to communicate. Since you know he isn't fond of texting, there's no real reason to get upset. At least he is reaching out to you which shows he is thinking about you. I dont quite see the problem here.😐

  • As long as you can actually carry conversations when together face to face then its no big deal. however all my boyfriends have texted me a lot so i duno